3 Steps to Explain Why You Want to Leave Your Job

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Congratulations! You’ve gotten the call for an interview with a hiring manager. Now it’s time to prepare for the meeting. At some point, you’ll be asked why you want to leave your current job. For many, this is one of the more challenging questions to address.

Follow these three steps to provide the most effective answer:

Step One: Planning Ahead

You must be prepared to answer the query, “Why do you want to leave your current position?” (And many similar questions.) Identify the motivation behind your job search. Even if the reason is less than ideal, it’s important that you recognize it. The four most common reasons for leaving a company are:

  • You want to make more money.
  • You seek a more cutting-edge project/technology to work on.
  • The boss or manager creates an unpleasant work environment.
  • You want a promotion.

Step Two: Creating a Tactful Response

These motivations for leaving a position are perfectly reasonable, but it’s a good idea to present them in a more positive manner when trying to find a new job. Spin your explanation in a way that puts you in the best possible light. Focus on self-promotion. For example, if you want to earn more money, try a response like this: “My time with my previous company allowed me to hone my skills. I’ve put incredible effort into this position since I started. It’s been a wonderful learning experience, but I’m searching for a team that will fully value my abilities.”

Every reason can be manipulated in this way. If the boss was impossible to work with, you could say, “The management was going in a different direction,” or that you’re “interested in a more collaborative environment.” Searching for a promotion could be worded as “pursuing the next challenge of your career to grow in your capabilities.”

Sometimes, a job is just not a good fit, whether it’s the shift, work environment, commute, or another issue. If this is the case, try focusing on the aspects of the job that you liked, such as how it helped cultivate your talents.

Step Three: Effective Self-Marketing

Once you’re ready with your explanation, you need to take it a step further. Build on the shortcomings of your last position to market yourself to the new company. If you said that you were looking for a company that would put more value in your skills, talk about how you can’t wait to contribute and put your talents to work. Present yourself in a positive light with statements such as:

  • I’m ready to put effort into a collaborative team. I would love to work with a group that shares my goals.
  • I’m eager to take the next step of my career and see how it will help me and the company grow.

With just a bit of preparation, you can tastefully respond to current employment questions—which will help ensure a successful and exciting interview.

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